Entire Lower 48 staying warmer than average to end the month

Entering the end of February 2022 the entire lower 48 states are favored to be warmer than average

It's quite typical that at any given time parts of the Lower 48 are seeing warmer than average conditions. But what is abnormal is seeing the entire country favored to be above average heading into the end of February. 

As we enter the end of the month, the largest temperature anomaly will likely occur in the Great Plains. Parts of Nebraska and South Dakota will easily push above their average highs. 

Temperature outlook between Feb. 18 and Feb. 24

Right here in Wisconsin, it's more likely than not that we hold onto the 40s for a while and snow that lasts more than a day will be hard to come by. Average highs start climbing particularly heading into March and will definitely start making it feel like spring. 


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