Entire Great Lakes region will have above average temps between July 2 and July 8

MILWAUKEE -- We're almost to our warmest period of the year! On average, by July 2, we hit an average high of 80˚ and we'll likely be well above that to start the new month. Long-term temperature forecasts continue to keep us at least in the mid to upper 80s, but a few 90s are not out of the question.

Temperature forecast for July 2nd

Between July 2 and July 8, the entire Great Lakes region will stay well above average, as warm southern air flows in due to high pressure out east. Daily variations in high temperatures are likely, but the overall trend continues to bring on the heat to start the month of July.

If you're curious, the warmest we have ever been in Milwaukee is 103˚ on three different occasions. The chances we hit that during this period are very unlikely --  but between July and August, we can really warm up!

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook between July 2nd and July 8th