Coldest air since April arrives next week

Colder air greets us as we enter the month of November after what has been a historically warm October. While low temperatures won't be all that abnormal, what will be are the high temperatures. Highs will struggle to get into the 40s Tuesday and Wednesday of next week for the first time since the end of April. 

Tuesday, Nov. 2 is the first day we get the shot of cooler than average air as highs slowly get into the mid-40s. Generally, for this time of the year, we expect highs to be right in the mid to low 50s.

High temperature forecast for Tuesday, Nov. 2

But our coldest day will likely be Wednesday, Nov. 3 as the core of this northern air settles in and could prevent us from even reaching 40 for the first time since April 1. That was just about 7 months ago and might come as a shock to you. 

Fortunately, long term it does look like we return to more seasonable air as the largest temperature anomalies head to our south. 

High temperature forecast for Wednesday, Nov. 3