Atlantic will likely see first Tropical Storm of 2020 two weeks before hurricane season begins

GULF OF MEXICO -- The first tropical storm of 2020 in the Atlantic is likely to form in the next 24 hours just south of Florida. As it continues to gain strength, it will continue to drop heavy rain for the Florida Keys, Southeast Florida, and the Bahamas through Saturday.

This storm has formed a good two weeks earlier than the official start of hurricane season in the Atlantic, which is June 1.

Current view of what is likely going to be the first tropical storm of the 2020 year for the Atlantic

Current forecast paths still vary greatly depending on upper-level winds. The consistent pattern at this time is motion is expected to continue to impact the southern part of Florida. The good news is this storm is only expected to deliver a glancing blow to the state as it continues to head back to sea for the start of next week.

Current forecast tracks through Saturday, May 16th