Asteroid set to pass close to Earth on March 5th, larger than one that blew up over Russia

An asteroid will pass close to Earth on March 5th.

It is estimated to be 100 feet wide, larger than an asteroid that blew up over the skies of Russia in 2013 -- causing an air blast that injured more than 1,000 people.

An important note related to the March 5th asteroid -- Earth is NOT on a collision course with an asteroid. In fact, FOX6's Vince Condella says we likely won't even see this asteroid -- but astronomers are tracking it.

It is called: "Asteroid 2013 TX68" -- discovered in 2013.

Astronomers aren't sure yet exactly how close to Earth it could come. It could come within nine million miles of Earth -- or as close as 11,000 miles from Earth.

It will NOT impact Earth directly.

The asteroid is 100 feet wide -- and similar to an asteroid that vaporized over Russia in 2013. That 'vaporization' was captured via dashcam.

The asteroid burned up above the Earth, and as it did, a shock wave extended down to Earth and blew out windows, damaged buildings, and left some injured.

FOX6's Vince Condella says we shouldn't see anything like that on March 5th.