April snow is quite common in Southern Wisconsin

Picture of Wednesday, April 21 snow (Courtesy: Caitlin in Sheboygan)

Wisconsinites are all too familiar with snow in spring, but how common is it to see snow in April? The answer, very common and more often than not...

Historical Snow Data for Milwaukee: National Weather Service

In fact, Milwaukee averages around 2 inches of snow in April as well as Madison. In the last five years, Milwaukee has seen an average of 3.7 inches of snow, with snow occurring in four of five seasons.

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The most snow ever to fall in April was 15.8 inches back in 1973, with 2018 coming in sixth place at 10 inches for Milwaukee. 

So, the next time you see snow in April, don't be surprised -- expect it. Even if the first week of April has 80 degree weather.