Already seeing trees bud: Some southern states seeing spring growth 20 days early

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN -- While we'll be dealing with -15°F wind chills Friday morning, Feb. 14 the southern United States is already seeing trees bud! If you're sick of winter you only have to drive south 9 hours and you'll hit spring.

Thanks to an especially mild winter, states down south are seeing spring growth 20 days early in many spots according to the National Phenology Network and the United States Geography Survey.

Current areas seeing Spring buds and how many days early according to the USGS

Comparing Spring 2020 to historical records many counties in the Carolinas are having their earliest spring ever. Others are seeing early budding that only happens once every 39 years.

Historical reference to this early of Spring growth according to the USGS

Does this mean an early spring for Milwaukee? This is already one of the warmest winters in the last 100 years. Based on the lack of arctic influence this season it wouldn't be crazy to think Gordy the Groundhog from the Milwaukee County Zoo was wrong in predicting a long winter.

To see spring growth so far for yourself, click here.