2021 had the most days at or above 70 degrees in Milwaukee

For the year 2021, Milwaukee received over 150 days of 70ºF or more high temperatures for the first time on record. Milwaukee never got hotter than 95ºF but Milwaukee stayed consistently above average from spring through summer. Along with Green Bay, this ranks as the most 70ºF days eastern Wisconsin has seen on record during a 1-year span. 

Midwest Region Climate Center total number of 70ºF or warmer days for the year 2021

When comparing the total number of days at or above 70ºF we weren't the only ones to see a record number of days. Rockford, Green Bay, almost all of northern and eastern Michigan, and northeastern Minnesota saw the most 70ºF days on record. Chicago tied for the second-most on record. 

It is safe to say we had a warm year in the upper midwest.

Midwest Region Climate Center ranked number of 70ºF or warmer days for the year 2021

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Snow potential this weekend not far away from Wisconsin

Just north of Lake Superior snow chances move in through Oct. 25 but looking at historical odds Milwaukee isn't far away from its first freeze or snow.