Bill would allow giving guns to minors without parent OK

The latest version of the bill would end the misdemeanor crime of giving guns to minors without parents’ permission but would make it a felony to give firearms to children to avoid felony arrest or criminal investigation.

Prosecutor: No charges for officer in Michael Brown's death

St. Louis County's top prosecutor announced Thursday that he will not charge the former police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a dramatic decision that could reopen old wounds amid a renewed and intense national conversation about racial injustice and the police treatment of minorities.

Court record shows St. Louis couple pulled gun before

The white St. Louis couple who became internationally famous for standing guard with guns outside their mansion during a protest have pulled a gun before in defense of their property, according to an affidavit in an ongoing case.

Missouri trooper, ordered to lead security after shooting of Michael Brown speaks in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- A Missouri state trooper on Thursday, April 6th spoke in Milwaukee -- telling the story of the event he calls the most challenging of his career.He was ordered to lead security during protests in Ferguson following the fatal officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown.Captain Ron Johnson spoke at the Harley-Davidson Museum -- the guest speaker at a presentation on diversity and inclusion.PHOTO GALLERYJohnson was in charge of keeping the calm after protesters took to the streets following the shooting.He talked about leadership in times of crisis."My vision was in a tunnel and I say to myself 'how are we going to put out this fire?' And I don't say that from a standpoint of being a fireman.