Hillary Clinton thinks she would handle coronavirus pandemic better than Pres. Trump, would beat him in November

WASHINGTON -- Former 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton believes she would have handled the coronavirus pandemic better than President Donald Trump, and that she would win if she was on the ballot this November."We wouldn't have been able to stop the pandemic at our borders the way that Trump claimed in the beginning, but we sure could have done a better job saving lives, modeling better, more responsible behavior,” she said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.“I don't think we necessarily should have had as deep an economic assault on livelihoods and jobs as we have,” she said. “So I know I would have done a better job."The former secretary of state lost to President Trump in 2016, but the feud between the two has dragged on long past election day.

Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden for president: 'This is a moment when we need a leader'

NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton, the first woman to become a major party's presidential nominee, endorsed Joe Biden's White House bid on Tuesday, April 28, continuing Democrats' efforts to coalesce around the former vice president as he takes on President Donald Trump.Clinton made her announcement during a Biden campaign town hall to discuss the coronavirus and its effect on women.

38 people cited for violations in Clinton email probe

WASHINGTON — The State Department has completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of private email and found violations by 38 people, some of whom may face disciplinary action.The investigation, launched more than three years ago, determined that those 38 people were "culpable" in 91 cases of sending classified information that ended up in Clinton's personal email, according to a letter sent to Republican Sen.

Hillary Clinton implies Tulsi Gabbard is favored by Russia

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Hillary Clinton appears to call Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard "the favorite of the Russians" in a recent interview, while also describing 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein as "a Russian asset."During a podcast appearance on Campaign HQ with David Plouffe, the former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee did not mention the Hawaii congresswoman by name, but said she believes the Russians have "got their eye on somebody who's currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate.""She's the favorite of the Russians," Clinton said. "They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.

Hillary Clinton's brother Tony Rodham dies

NEW YORK -- Hillary Clinton's youngest brother Tony Rodham died Friday night, June 7, the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate announced Saturday on Twitter."We lost my brother Tony last night.

Hillary Clinton rules out 2020 rematch with President Donald Trump

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton says she won't run for president in 2020, but vows she's "not going anywhere."The former secretary of state, senator and first lady ruled out another campaign during an interview posted Monday by New York TV station News12 .Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, says, "I'm going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe."She says, "What's at stake in our country, the kind of things that are happening right now are deeply troubling to me."She says she has spoken with several of the candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, and has told them, "Don't take anything for granted, even though we have a long list of real problems and broken promises" from the Trump administration.

Agents nab possible explosive devices sent to Obama, Clinton

WASHINGTON  — The U.S. Secret Service says agents have intercepted packages containing "possible explosive devices" addressed to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.The agency says neither Clinton nor Obama received the packages, and neither was at risk of receiving them because of screening procedures.It says the devices were discovered late Tuesday and early Wednesday.A U.S. official tells The Associated Press that a "functional explosive device" was found during screening at Bill and Hillary Clintons' suburban New York home.The official says investigators believe the explosive is linked to one found Monday at the compound of liberal billionaire George Soros.The Secret Service says a second package was addressed to Obama and was intercepted in Washington.

Hillary Clinton seemingly unharmed in car crash

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Hillary Clinton was seemingly unharmed when the Secret Service vehicle she was riding in was involved in a crash.The former secretary of state and first lady was headed to a fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Sen.

Pres. Trump: Putin made 'incredible offer' to help US investigators in prosecution of alleged Russian hackers

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin privately made an "incredible offer" to help American investigators in their prosecution of 12 Russian intelligence officers accused of hacking crimes during the 2016 presidential election."He offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people," President Trump told reporters during a news conference in Helsinki following his joint summit with Putin. "I think that's an incredible offer, OK?"The special counsel investigating potential coordination between President Trump's campaign and the Kremlin on Friday charged a dozen Russian military intelligence officers with hacking the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign and then releasing the stolen communications online as part of a sweeping conspiracy to meddle in the election.Putin noted that Russia would expect the U.S. to return the favor and cooperate in the Russian probe against William Browder, a British investor charged in financial crimes in Russia.

12 Russian intelligence officers indicted for hacking in 2016 US presidential election

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has announced charges against 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking offenses during the 2016 presidential election.The indictments were announced Friday by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as part of the ongoing special counsel probe into potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.The Russians are accused of hacking into the computer networks of the Democratic National Committee and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.Before Friday, 20 people and three companies had been charged in the Mueller investigation.

Hillary Clinton: US did not 'deserve' Trump presidency

MUMBAI, India — Hillary Clinton told an audience in India that the United States did not "deserve" Donald Trump's presidency and these are "perilous times."The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate spoke over the weekend at India Today Conclave 2018, in Mumbai.Clinton said the Republican president has "quite an affinity for dictators" and said President Trump "really likes their authoritarian posturing and behavior." But she said she thinks it's "more than that" with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia.Clinton was critical of President Trump's reality campaign tactics and questioned whether she should have provided more entertainment to voters who responded to President Trump's brash style.She also believes former FBI director James Comey's Oct. 28, 2016, letter to Congress about her private email server cost her support from white women voters.Clinton had difficulty navigating some stone steps at the Jahaz Mahal palace in Mandu.

Teacher apologizes for misspelling 'Hillary Clinton’ on 11-year-old’s letter

SUNBURY, Pa. – A Pennsylvania middle school teacher has apologized for misspelling Hillary Clinton's name on a letter from one of his students, 11-year-old Mary Reinard.Mary asked her teacher at Shikellamy Middle School, Benjamin Attinger, for help writing to the former presidential candidate.