Joe Biden, Wisconsin Democrats hold virtual rally; discuss Floyd, pandemic, ousting President Trump

MADISON — Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden urged Wisconsin Democrats in a brief recorded message broadcast during an online state convention Friday.United to discuss plans to defeat President Donald Trump in the November election, that message was repeated by Democratic office holders at the state and local level, who also pushed the need to prevent Republicans from winning enough seats in the Legislature to have a supermajority that could override vetoes of Democratic Gov.

Joe Biden defeats Bernie Sanders as Wisconsin releases election results

MADISON — Joe Biden emerged victorious Monday, April 13 in Wisconsin’s Democratic presidential primary, a turbulent election far more significant for the struggle over whether it should have been held at all last week amid the coronavirus pandemic.The former vice president’s victory became academic after Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders endorses former rival Joe Biden for president

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders endorsed his former rival Joe Biden for president on Monday, April 13 in a joint online appearance.“I am asking all Americans, I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans, to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse,” Sanders said.The backing is a crucial development for Biden, who must bridge the Democratic Party's ideological divide to unify voters against President Donald Trump in the fall.

DNC moves from July to August amid COVID-19 concerns, 'current climate of uncertainty'

MILWAUKEE -- Democrats announced Thursday, April 2 they were postponing their presidential nominating convention until August, an unprecedented move that shows how the coronavirus is reshaping the battle for the White House.The party had hoped that a mid-July convention would give them more time to rally behind a nominee and unify against President Donald Trump.

Ohio postpones Democratic primary, Florida workers a no-show

WASHINGTON — The new coronavirus hampered efforts by voters to get to the polls in some states on Tuesday as the global pandemic left the Democratic presidential primary consumed with uncertainty.Leaders in Ohio called off their primary just hours before polls were set to open, citing the need to combat the coronavirus.

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders cancel Ohio rallies over coronavirus concerns

WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden abruptly canceled scheduled rallies Tuesday night in Cleveland amid concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus — as public health fears began transforming the 2020 race.Sanders had been planning to speak at a convention center in Cleveland as results from six states voting in the Democratic presidential contests began rolling in.

'Odd' quirk raises delegate stakes in Tuesday's elections

WASHINGTON — A quirk in how delegates are won under Democratic Party rules is raising the stakes for Tuesday's elections, allowing a candidate to make up ground in the race quickly — or fall further behind.Five states — Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho — hold Democratic primaries on Tuesday, while North Dakota has a caucus.

Kamala Harris endorses Joe Biden; Jesse Jackson backs Bernie Sanders

WASHINGTON  — Kamala Harris endorsed Joe Biden on Sunday and said she would "do everything in my power'' to help elect him, becoming the latest dropout from the Democratic race for president to line up behind the former vice president in his battle with Bernie Sanders for the nomination.The decision by the California senator who was one of three black candidates seeking to challenge President Donald Trump further solidifies the Democratic establishment's move to close circles around Biden after his Super Tuesday success.

Super Tuesday: Bernie Sanders wins top prize, California; Joe Biden surges nationwide

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders seized Super Tuesday’s biggest prize with a victory in California, while a resurgent Joe Biden scored wins across the country with the backing of a diverse coalition as the Democratic Party’s once-crowded presidential field transformed into a two-man contest.The two Democrats, lifelong politicians with starkly different visions for America’s future, were battling for delegates as 14 states and one U.S. territory held a series of high-stakes elections that marked the most significant day of voting in the party’s 2020 presidential nomination fight.The clash between Biden and Sanders, each leading coalitions of disparate demographics and political beliefs, peaked on a day that could determine whether the Democratic battle will stretch all the way to the July convention or be decided much sooner.The former vice president and the three-term senator took aim at each other from dueling victory speeches separated by 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) Tuesday night.“People are talking about a revolution.