Wisconsin Lutheran sophomore trying to make an impact

Wisconsin Lutheran sophomore Emilia Bervera is all about family and helping out kids.

That's what makes her this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I have always been kind of a girlie-girl," said Bervera. "I think there is something really beautiful about dance. It's very entertaining to watch. I just always saw that, and I was like, I want to do that.
Actually my mom used to be a dancer, herself. So I was introduced to it at a very young age."

Bervera enjoys being a part of the team aspect and also competes in softball and gymnastics.

"Just performing, you just get this feeling of adrenalin," Bervera said. "You can tell by people's faces that they like what they are seeing. You can see what impact you made on them. It’s honestly just a great feeling."

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Bervera's family is all about baseball and the sophomore wants to lend a helping hand to the stars of tomorrow.

"My dad really made us into that kind of family," said Bervera. "I would say dance is my sport and baseball is my passion. When my family was given this opportunity to a little league baseball team, I decided I wanted to help. I wanted to be there. I know a little thing or two. Maybe I could teach them. So I decided to be an assistant coach and help the little boys play baseball."

Being a mentor for kids is a passion for Bervera.

"I love kids," Bervera said. "I love being surrounded by kids. I love teaching them. Helping them. Guiding them. Anything I can do. I just love being around them."