Teammates and animals driving Whitefish Bay senior to success

Whitefish Bay senior Anneh Britz has a love for her sport, her teammates and a passion for saving animals.

That's what makes her this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I started gymnastics I think when I was about four years old, and I only did rec gymnastics," said Britz. "I was thinking about doing club when I was, I think, in middle school. But then I realized my love for gymnastics was through the rec department and I wanted to continue on with high school gymnastics."

Britz has been to state with the Blue Dukes every year of her high school career.

She says her teammates keep her going.

"If I'm having an off day and my teammates are doing well and on an event, it kind of helps me to push myself," Britz said. "And then also, just like the whole like aspect of like being a team and like going towards like that one bigger goal that we all want."

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During her junior season, Britz broke her hand while she was sledding.

That did not stop her from competing.

"I just wanted to show everyone that I'm just as a part of this team as everyone else is despite my hand being broken and having that setback," said Britz. "So I just got that motivation that I really want this win for my team and I."

Britz says she has her college choices narrowed down to either Wisconsin or Minnesota, and she wants to be a wildlife vet or a wildlife conservationist.

"Since my family is from South Africa, we've always gone on safaris every year, and I think my love for like the wildlife kind of started there when we went on safaris in the Kruger National Park," Britz said. "Just seeing all these cool animals just gave me this whole different perspective on life."