"We rearranged our schedule:" Christmas Eve services at The Ridge will take place AFTER the Packers game

GREENFIELD -- The Green Bay Packers may face their toughest opponents yet on Saturday, December 24th -- Christmas Eve -- and we're not talking about the rival Minnesota Vikings! Christmas Eve is a time when many attend church services, and one church is trying to accommodate fans.

Imagine planning for a big Christmas Eve service for months, only to find out your service would be going up against a very important Packers game!

Those at The Ridge Community Church said "no problem!" They're making do.

The Ridge Community Church

"A buddy of mine said 'hey, what are you guys going to do about the Packers?'" Mark Weigt, lead pastor at The Ridge Community Church said.

The Ridge Community Church

Mark Weigt

Everything changed when Pastor Weigt realized services would be going up against the green and gold!

"So we said, 'we aren't winning that battle,'" Weigt said.

As the Packers take on the Vikings Saturday in a game with playoff implications, services were set to be taking place at The Ridge, but plans were changed.

Sadie Bailey

"We actually rearranged our entire 24th schedule around the Packers game," Sadie Bailey, weekend services director at The Ridge Community Church said.

Services normally held all day will take place after the game on Saturday.

"We want to recognize where people are at. We don`t want to make it difficult for people to come to church and celebrate Christmas with us," Bailey said.

Aaron Rodgers 

They're trying to make sure Christmas Eve is celebrated both on the field, and in their church.

"It might increase attendance if they win," Weigt said.

The Ridge Community Church

"As families are gathered in their houses, they`ll be inclined to come out and celebrate with us," Bailey said.