"We love Brett Favre!" Fans from all over flock to Lambeau Field to witness #4 Hall of Fame ceremony

GREEN BAY -- Fans from all over are streaming into Green Bay as Favre Week reaches its culmination. Brett Favre will be inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame on Saturday, July 18th. Favre can expect a much warmer reception than the one he received during his last trip to Lambeau Field five years ago.

Tom Pemberton may live on the other side of the state but he won't miss Brett Favre's induction in the Packers Hall of Fame.

"I worked my job, third shift at a cheese plant, so I got off at 5 a.m. this morning, went home and decided after a little while to get in the car and start driving. So I drove 3.5 hours from La Crosse," said Pemberton.

While Pemberton says his love of number 4 has never wavered, few Packers legends elicit such a wide variety of feelings.

FOX6 News asked fans around Lambeau Field to describe the gunslinger in four words:

"The four words are the Best Sunday Football Ever," said Jenny Kearns, Favre fan.

"Exciting, entertaining, legend, and fun...yeah I would say that," said Anna and Joe Komorowski, Favre fans who drove up from Franklin.

"We love Brett Favre," said Heidi Pemberton, Favre fan.

"Legendary, courageous, strong, and talented," said Natalie Hermanson, Favre fan.

"I love him, but he made a mistake by going to the Vikings," said Daniel Kearns, Favre fan.

Some fans have forgiven, while others will not forget.

"I was very upset when he left. Bottom line: It's a business," said Wendy Moran, Favre fan.

Those passing through from enemy territory try to stir the pot.

"Well, you know he's a much better Viking than a Packer. I heard he had a couple good games as a Packer but as a Viking he really excelled," Mike Larson, visiting from Minneapolis.

Regardless of where Packer backers stand on #4...

"This whole thing tomorrow is like Disney," said Lori Munson, Favre fan.

"That dang Viking thing is haunting him with me," siad Kearns.

Their emotions all stem from that same love of the green and gold.

"We're loyal and people will go anywhere -- wherever the Packers go, people will flock," said Pemberton.

FOX6 News isn't the only ones sticking to this whole '4' theme -- the 67,000 or so fans who bought a ticket to Saturday's ceremony inside the seating bowl paid $4 a ticket. Those who will park inside the Lambeau Field lot also pay $4.