"We did a heck of a job out there:" Mike Daniels reflects on Packers win vs. Lions at Lambeau

GREEN BAY -- Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels is becoming a star in the NFL -- and when the lights go on with FOX6's Tim Van Vooren on the FOX6 Sports Blitz -- they're a dynamic duo. Daniels on Sunday, September 25th weighed in on the win vs. the Detroit Lions -- the Packers home opener at Lambeau Field.

Tim Van Vooren: "No better guy to talk about the first win of the season with than Mike Daniels. The rain is coming Mike and I know you're a powerful guy but that was wise of you to be a quick guy and get out here just before the rain starts coming on us."

"I was hoping it would rain," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "We don't want to miss your comments."

"Alright, I was hoping it was going to rain during the game," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "You would like that kind of game."

"I am that kind of guy. We didn't get it -- but we still did a heck of a job out there," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "You did do a heck of a job out there. Particularly in that first half. The offense rolling up the points -- but how'd you feel just getting the victory? Big picture here, getting the victory after kind of a... I don't want to say a tense week but there were people saying what's up with the Packers?"

"Well to do it with, especially defensively with all the guys down we had, we have to give a lot of credit to our coaches and to the scouting department. The scouts were bringing the right kind of guys in and the coaches for getting those kids ready. Bunch of rookies played. Did a heck of a job and they did it against a quality, quality offense. Then, have to give credit to the veterans because we're emphasizing playing hard, giving everything you have, going back to the fundamentals and not making it bigger than what it is and that's exactly what those young guys did today. We are very proud of them," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "This has been a couple of years now in the making. You have become the leader on this defense, one of the leaders on this defense. I know you don't say that, but people react to you that way. When you have a lot of guys down as you did this week, do you take that even more seriously?"

"It's hard for me to take it more seriously than I already do -- but the sense of urgency does increase. It's just as simple as telling a guy 'hey, do your job the best that you can. Give it all that you have. Run to that football. Good things will happen. Simple, simple, game," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "Simple things like a win. You get to two and one. Again -- there was a lot of talk outside the building, outside the Packers this last week. Was there any emotional reaction from inside the building to that stuff and then what happens when you get a win like this going into your bye?"

"It's always good to get a win -- especially a win at home. Especially a win against a division opponent, and coming off a loss to a division opponent, is exactly what we needed going into the bye week," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "Alright, at one point today you were split very wide out to the right. You're usually a guy that's closer to the football. What changes when you're, you personally are out that far?"

"Nothing. I'm coming to bring the hammer no matter what. Just being honest," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "That's the best. Well, you won. It's two and one, going into the bye. You hear that thunder?"

"I did -- so we gotta get out of here," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "You get to. We get to stay."

"Oohhh," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "You can stay with us. Want to stay with us?")

"A lot of metal of here," Daniels said.

Tim Van Vooren: "Alright, appreciate you coming out! Mike Daniels -- he's the best. There's no question about it. Stand out on the line, stand out on the post game show!"

The Packers next take on the New York Giants on October 9th at Lambeau Field. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m.