Veritas freshman, self-proclaimed 'girly girl' loves to hit

One Veritas freshman calls herself a "girly girl" but she also knows how to throw a punch.

That's what makes Yazmin Rosales this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I usually like hitting," said Rosales. "It's not so much fun when you get hit."

Rosales started boxing when she was five years old.

Both of her brothers were boxers and their father was their coach.

"I just remember running around the gym acting like a little fool," Rosales said.

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A nine-time national champion, Rosales does not have much time for anything but boxing.

"It is a lot of sacrifices with the sport," said Rosales. "I usually train every day of the week. Going to school and coming to boxing. That is usually what my life revolves around."

Rosales credits her upbringing for her success in the ring.

"Being the baby of the family I was always pushed to my limits," she said. "They showed me how to work hard for things and put in the work sacrifice and everything that comes with it."

Rosales is prepared to take this as far as she can go.

"Basically boxing right now is my life," said Rosales. "So, it's gonna be my future."