"Unique experience:" Students head out on the lake, take part in ice fishing, some for the first time

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- It was a day unlike any other school day for a group of students from Lutheran Special School. Their lesson was taught out on Big Muskego Lake!

"To be out here is a unique experience," Amy Schultz said.

"I consider it like walking on the moon!" Caleb Niedfeldt said.

The Frozen Bass Bay section of Big Muskego Lake played host to students and staff from Lutheran Special School -- some of them ice fishing for the very first time.

"We have a good 10 inches out here today," Niedfeldt said.

"I've never done this in my life. I never went ice fishing," Saniyah Smith said.

Ice fishing on Big Muskego Lake with Caleb Niedfeldt

The students learned from Niedfeldt, with "Fishing for the Heart."

"That`s kind of what keeps me motivated in 'Fishing for the Heart' in general, is just to see excitement on the kids' faces," Niedfeldt said.

In October, FOX6 News was out with Niedfeldt and three students fishing on a boat in Washington County. Of course, fishing is much different in winter!

Ice fishing on Big Muskego Lake with Caleb Niedfeldt

"It's a lot different, obviously," Niedfeldt said.

Caleb Niedfeldt

"I would say this time it was better than last time because I got to catch a fish finally, and the fishes, they weren't playing games with me, so it's an awesome experience. Like, I never really caught a fish before, like, on my own. Even if I tried, it wouldn't work, so actually it's really nice. I enjoy fishing," Cessalyn Turman said.

"We're catching a few today, but it's been better. Hopefully it picks up a little bit and we get a couple more big ones on the camera," Niedfeldt said.

At this point, Saniyah Smith had yet to make her catch, but like every good angler, she said she was optimistic.

Ice fishing on Big Muskego Lake with Caleb Niedfeldt

"My favorite part of all of this is catching fish that I never got to catch yet. But I will. Those fish won't escape me. Never," Smith said.

For Cessalyn Turman, the waiting and hoping were part of a much bigger lesson.

"Some of us don't have enough patience, like this one. So yeah, it's actually really good to learn patience. I think patience is one of the important things you should learn," Turman said.

Ice fishing on Big Muskego Lake with Caleb Niedfeldt

"And she's one that wasn't sure she could walk so well on the ice and I heard Caleb or Mr. Chandler or one of them saying, 'you just got to wait. You've just got to wait. You've got to be patient.' Yeah, I think that's a good learning experience, good life experience," Amy Schultz said.

For Schultz, the communications director for the school, there was a bigger takeaway from this lesson.

Ice fishing on Big Muskego Lake with Caleb Niedfeldt

"We kind of get caught up in technology, you know? You've got to have the SMART Board and the great computer stuff, and we kind of lose sight of, you know, what we've got right here. And yeah, I think again, for these kids, just the opportunity to be out in nature and have God's classroom," Schultz said.

"There's just something different about ice fishing, I guess. It's a phenomenon that a lot of people don't get to experience," Niedfeldt said.

More than 500 people have taken part in fishing with "Fishing for the Heart" since October.

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