Troy Dusosky retires from Wave, but working days aren't over

Troy Dusosky was a fixture on the Milwaukee Wave soccer team for the final decade of his 16 year professional career, and last week, the 35-year-old announced he was stepping away from the game that has defined him. However, unlike some athletes who leave the NFL, NBA or MLB, Dusosky isn't in a position to kick back. He's a husband and father, and now, retirement means building a basement with a friend's restoration company.

Soccer came naturally to Dusosky and his twin brother Todd, who also played for the Wave, but Dusosky says when it comes to building basements, there is a learning curve - one his friend, Mike is trying to help ease.

"He's got a lot of patience, kind of like you have to have with rookies coming into the Wave. You gotta have patience with the young guys. I'm not young, but I am at this field," Dusosky said.

Dusosky's willingness to work at the sport of soccer led him to six championship rings, and immense popularity in the soccer community, and he's taking his new job just as seriously, and taking pride in the finished product.

"When I leave that job, I want it to look as best I can. Whatever we need to do, and that's like the Wave. We sweat the details," Dusosky said.

Dusosky will be honored at an upcoming Wave game.