Trimming the roster: Green Bay Packers release 6 players, including punter Peter Mortell

GREEN BAY -- After breaking his hand in Training Camp, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jeff Janis returned to the field Monday, August 29th wearing a protective club on his injured hand. This, as the Packers made some moves Monday -- as they have to get their roster down to 75 players by Tuesday.

The Green Bay Packers on Monday released DT Demetris Anderson, CB Randall Jette, WR Jamel Johnson, LB Derrick Mathews, P Peter Mortell and WR Ed Williams.

Mortell is a Green Bay native whose family has big ties to the Packers and Lambeau Field. And while Mortell's release means Tim Masthay will keep his job, Masthay said it wasn't the easiest of days.

"There's an advantage and a disadvantage to having another guy in camp. Disadvantage, in my opinion, is that you lose reps. So I don't have as many reps going into the season as I otherwise would. But the advantage is that there's no choice but to be more focused on those reps, because you know you've got another guy that the personnel department is watching every day. And you know that you're not getting as many reps so you better make the most of it," Masthay said.

The Packers face the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday, September 1st in their final pre-season game.