Tickets to 49ers vs. Vikings game are most expensive for NFL playoffs

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The countdown continues toward the 49ers Divisional Playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday.

The 49ers are expecting the game to be sold out but it’s not quite there yet.

There are still plenty of tickets available both on the official market and on secondary markets but demand is strong and those tickets won’t come cheap.

According to ticketIQ, ticket prices to the 49ers game on Saturday are the most expensive for the NFL Divisional Playoffs.

That comes as no surprise to the Bay Area.

The average ticket price for the game is $571. The next most expensive is nearly $100 cheaper at $475 to the Baltimore Ravens game.

Online outlets, like Stub Hub, show that there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of seats still available for the 49ers game.

Stub Hub General Manager for Sports Akshay Khanna says they are selling for anywhere from $250 to $400 at the low end to several thousand dollars for the best seats.

“Obviously the average ticket price is closer to that $400 range so the $11,000 tickets really are the outlier, but at the end of the day this is, this is playoff football in a market that has not maybe had a team that has the capability to be successful on this scale for a long, long time,” Khanna said.

An advertisement on Craigs List from a season ticket holder, Masa Karahashi who uses the alias Joe Mumbry, has a dozen tickets for sale.

He’s asking roughly $400 each after buying out a few fellow seat license holders who wanted out when the Niners weren’t doing so well.

“Neighbors that own the seats next to me, other friends that I’ve met in the 49ers stadium who wanted out and they were willing to sell their season ticket rights for very low prices so, you know, I thought the team was always going to come back so I decided to buy them from them and I have a little bit more tickets than I need for my family,” Karahashi said.

The 49ers say there are a limited number of tickets and suites available.

They directed buyers to the Official 49ers Ticketmaster sites online.

Either way, prices are expected to go up between now and Saturday.

There is just a lot of pent up demand says Stub Hub.

“So a lot of season ticket holders will decide which games they want to go to and which games they want to sell in order to recoup some of that investment and it’s really a combination of that. From a buyer perspective, as you can imagine, more than three-quarters of this game, the buyers are coming from the state of California, so this is going to be a very, very, very home, heavy home favored crowd,” Khanna said.