Those looking for tickets for Sunday's Packers vs. Lions battle at Lambeau will have to pay up!

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- The Packers face the Lions on Sunday, December 28th -- and the winner will be crowned the NFC North Division Champion! The Packers are back home at Lambeau Field after two games on the road (vs. the Buffalo Bills and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers). If you're thinking about getting tickets for Sunday's big matchup at Lambeau Field, perhaps as a last-minute Christmas gift, get ready to pay up!

Ticket brokers say this Sunday's game is easily the most expensive ticket this season.

"Typically Packers tickets and end-zone seats will go for maybe $125, $150. This game`s at $250 right now," Ticket King President John Lamoreaux said.

Lamoreaux says Ticket King has heard from plenty of fans over the last couple days willing to pay up for tickets they're buying as a last-minute Christmas gift.

"We`ve done a lot of business this morning -- people buying for gifts, as a Christmas gift and a lot of demand for the game," Lamoreaux said.

"At the same time, a lot of season ticket holders are looking at this as an opportunity to get their Christmas bills paid because these tickets are going for so much money. A lot of people are calling me and saying `yeah, I`d like to go to the game but if they`re worth this much, I`ll bring them in and sell them to you and pay off my Christmas bills,'" Mike Holzberger, the owner of Connections Ticket Service said.

Holzberger says when some fans hear prices are actually cheaper for a potential home playoff game, they decide to wait and hope the Packers get past Detroit.

"We`re seeing a lot of interest in the playoff game and people changing their mind on going to this game and instead are saying 'if I`m gonna spend that much for a ticket, I`d rather just go to the playoff game,'" Holzberger said.

"For the first Packers playoff game, we`re quoting prices at about $189," Lamoreaux said.

Ticket brokers say more tickets are available for Sunday's game because it's now at 3:25 p.m. Typically, there's a greater demand for noon games -- especially for folks in southeastern Wisconsin.

The Packers have clinched a playoff berth, but if the Lions win on Sunday, the Packers would have to play a wild-card game on the road, as opposed to a first-round bye and a divisional round home game.

You can watch Sunday's game on FOX6!