They went to the same high school! Jabari Parker, Derrick Rose face each other on the basketball court

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Fans from the Windy City were out in full force on Wednesday night, November 5th at the BMO Harris Bradley Center to watch Derrick Rose and the Bulls -- a veteran team and arguably one of the best in the NBA. The Bulls were in town to play the young Bucks -- featuring rookie Jabari Parker.

"I grew up idolizing him. He showed me respect," Parker said about Derrick Rose.

What made the game unusual is that the 26-year-old Rose and the 19-year-old Parker went to the same high school -- Simeon Career Academy on Chicago's south side.

Rose first met Parker when Parker was in grammar school.

"He's not a little kid anymore," Rose said.

You know Jabari Parker's father has to be proud. Sonny Parker took in Wednesday night's game, as did Reginald Brock -- Simeon Career Academy's athletic director.

"Oh it's tremendous. These guys worked extremely hard. They were very good student-athletes. They have great character and to see them at this level is very special," Brock said.

Jabari Parker and Derrick Rose each have an appreciation for the role their athletic director played, as well as for the support for their Alma Mater.

"I'm happy for him. I saw a lot of people that went to Simeon at the game. A lot of people that worked there that came out to show support to me and Jabari. It's good to see that," Rose said.

"I believe an athletic director is really important to a program. He allows us to schedule big games. The budget that we have isn't much, so he makes sure that we get the sponsorships, makes sure that we stay on top of things, get that exposure. It was really helpful for our program," Parker said.

Brock might have had a scheduling conflict on Wednesday night -- with Parker and Rose playing against one another.

"I'm just enjoying it right now. I'm not biased to any one person. We're extremely proud. The community is proud. It just goes to show what can happen with hard work, commitment and dedication," Brock said.

Rose's magnificent career has been hurt by devastating injuries, but the former NBA "Rookie of the Year" became the youngest player to win a league MVP. He once scored 70 points in a game.

The Bulls star likes what he sees from his younger buddy.

"He's very professional to be so young. It looks like he's sacrificing things to be where he wants to be, so I think he's in a good place right now," Rose said.

As for all the Bulls fans in downtown Milwaukee on Wednesday night? Jabari Parker says he understands it, but in time, he says he wants to help the Bucks "take back our city."