'They are super anxious:' Milwaukee Milkmen to play 1st true home game at Routine Field June 24

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's newest professional baseball team plays their first true home game Monday, June 24.

Professional baseball in Milwaukee has meant the Milwaukee Brewers since 1970.

"Great level of baseball. This is AA, AAA level baseball. A lot of people think it's more summer collegiate, but it's not. It's on par with AA, AAA level baseball," said Mike Zimmerman, owner of the Milwaukee Milkmen.

Monday, June 24 would mark the first time the team played at the new facility.

Mike Zimmerman

"It's been a fun project, kind of building and getting to design it. This is old landfill, so to see what it was literally a year ago when we did our groundbreaking, to seeing what it is now, it's sort of that evolution that has been frustrating at times, but to now see what it is and what it's going to be, that's the most fun," said Zimmerman.

Because of stadium construction, the Milwaukee Milkmen played home games in Kokomo, Indiana.

"They don't have host families in Kokomo. They are in a hotel. They have to share the locker room and the stadium with another team, so they've been battling through it, and they've done great, but they are super anxious," said Zimmerman.

While the Brewers draw millions of fans each year, Zimmerman said the Milkmen wouldn't be looking to compete with the big league club.

"It's a highly-infused entertainment product," said Zimmerman. "Baseball is sort of the backdrop. We don't think we are in the baseball business. That's our product, but it's the dinner, entertainment business, so I would say the expectation is, first and foremost, it's a very affordable product. You don't pay for parking. Tickets start as low as $8 for the berm seating. We have a couple of all-inclusive sections -- all you can drink beer/soda, all you can eat."

Routine Field

The future of Routine Field would likely include more than just the Milkmen.

"We will be programming it nonstop, so concerts, as an example. It's been designed to bring outdoor soccer here, so we are looking at that. We do over 2,200 baseball games of tournament level baseball, so this could be a place to play the championship game," said Zimmerman.

Routine Field

Routine Field would also be the new home field for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in spring 2020.

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