'The track has everything:' IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi looks forward to 2 races at Road America

PLYMOUTH -- Like most racers, Alexander Rossi won't be caught off-guard. With IndyCar coming to Road America, July 11 and 12, Rossi is up to speed on the layout. He hopes to turn his preparation into celebration.

"I don't want to put you on the spot," said FOX6's Tim Van Vooren. "You race all over the world. Maybe this is unfair. Could you take me through those four miles? Could you say, 'Alright, I am driving.' Could you narrate a lap at Road America?"

"Easily!" said Rossi. "What is quite cool about Road America is that there is a lot of straights, so there are a lot of passing opportunities," said Rossi. "As you kind of come up the hill out of the final corner into the start/finish line, there is a good opportunity to pass into turn one -- about 120 mile an hour speed through there -- and then, you kind of drop down a hill a little bit into turn three, which, in my opinion, is the most important corner on the race track because it is a pretty slow speed off the corner, which leads to a very long straight, so you want to make sure you get a good exit out of there, and then coming into turn five, it is the best passing opportunity on the track. It is a downhill braking zone -- from about 180 miles an hour to 50 miles an hour -- and then, as you go up the hill onto turn six, turn six is blind, so you kind of go up a hill and under a bridge. Turn six is, for me, the hardest corner to get right, and then out of turn six, you do just a flat out right hand kink down the hill to turn eight which another okay passing opportunity. Out of turn eight, a left-hander, my favorite corner on the race track, the Carousel. It is do kind of a triple apex right-hander that continually gets tighter, and then out of the carousel, you have a kink through kind of a winding back straight to Canada Corner, and turn 12, which is quite a unique corner because you actually start going uphill as soon as you turn in, and you get to the apex, so you always end up thinking that you have to slow it down more than you do. Turn 13, the penultimate corner, is another almost flat out left-hand turn kind of blind uphill corner. It is pretty dramatic through there, and then turn 14, you brake and turn at the same time. What's cool about that is you go all the way over the exit curve, and the cars bottom out and spark and everything as you go up the hill and to the front straight again. The track has everything. It's got all different kinds of corners -- slow, fast. I love going there and I love the fact that we get to do two races there."

Fans will be allowed at the races, so if you go, you’ll now know just how the drivers are thinking their way around the circuit.