Team bonding: Marquette takes basketball team on trip of a lifetime

MILWAUKEE -- Marquette's basketball coaching staff had a great selling point when they went recruiting their current freshman class. Their student athletes would have the chance to take the trip of a lifetime.

For Coach Steve Wojciechowski's young, Marquette basketball team, the ten NCAA allowed practices they had recently were a slam dunk to help develop their vast potential. That was before they embarked on a four-game trip to Italy and Switzerland.

"It's a great opportunity to build camaraderie. I think it's a great opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level. You get to share experiences that in some cases are once-in-a-lifetime," said Wojciechowski. "And so all those things should be of great benefit for this group in growing together."

Imagine being one of the six new faces on the team and getting to travel abroad!

"It'll be my first time in Italy. So I'm looking forward to the buildings, everything. I know that Italy is a historic place, especially the food. I'm looking forward to the food and just see how it tastes," said Haanif Cheatham, freshman guard.

"I love pasta. So I'm sure they have a lot of pasta over there," said Duane Wilson, sophomore guard.

By all accounts, Coach Wojciechowski's young men are having a wonderful trip -- seeing the sights and playing well against pro teams.