Super Bowl winner Ricardo Lockette on why the 49ers will win Super Bowl LIV

MIAMI — Super Bowl winner Ricardo Lockette won’t gloss over his prediction. He’s all in for the San Francisco 49ers.

Lockette, who played with San Francisco in a previous Super Bowl, says veteran leadership from guys like Richard Sherman and Joe Staley will be key.

“Joe’s role is going to be imperative,” Lockette said. “Sometimes you get blinded by the lights. But Joe has been there; he’s been there before…It’s going to come down to the team that settles in first.”

Lockette also noted Jimmy Garoppolo has experience in these big game situations. While he didn’t take the field with the New England Patriots when he played for that team, he’s seen all the hoopla that comes with the Super Bowl.

“It’s going to hit you unless you’ve done it before,” said Lockette. “Your first time touching the stove is different than your fifth.”

Lockette admits Saturday will be a night filled with nerves and anxiety as the players wait for tomorrow’s showdown.

“You’re just ready to do it,” he added.

Lockette’s career came to an end after an injury on punt coverage. A hit by Dallas Cowboys player Jeff Heath gave him a concussion and caused ligament and disc damage in Lockette’s neck. Following an extensive surgery, he hoped to one day return to the field. However, the risk of injury was just too great. Lockette announced his retirement in May 2016.

He now devotes his time to working with Harvard University on studying the health of NFL players. Lockette feels he’ll be able to create a lasting legacy if he can help develop a plan that creates a better future for players after they call it quits from football.

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