Students at Arrowhead receive free sandwiches after winning football title

HARTLAND -- Students at Hartland Arrowhead High School enjoyed free sandwiches today, after their varsity football team won the Division I state football championship by defeating Sun Prairie.

The Picnic Basket, a local restaurant, made good on a promise on Wednesday, November 28th. 

The restaurant had said it would serve a free six-inch sandwich to all students and staff if the team won state.

"We're figuring we could do up to 3,000 subs and if you figure that out, they're six-inch subs, that would be five football fields of subs. I know I can make that many subs but I can't even run that far," Picnic Basket owner Tim Weiberg said.

Free sandwiches will be offered in the coming days, starting with the senior class on Wednesday.