Special needs facility in Texas ready to cheer on ‘best friend’ Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl

LUBBOCK, Texas (EverythingLubbock.com) — To some, he is a quarterback. To others, he’s a local hero.

However, some of the villagers at High Point Village, a faith-based nonprofit that works to enrich those with special needs, see Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes as a friend.

“Fast, fast as me almost. That’s why I like you as a best friend,” one of the villagers said.

Two years ago, Mahomes met all of them with McGavock Nissan for a fundraiser. The Village is in the same city where Mahomes played for Texas Tech University.

“I mentioned it to Patrick about it, he goes, ‘Yeah, I’m all on aboard, let’s do it,'” Brent McGavock, owner of the dealership, said. “When we got here, he was in awe. I mean of the kids and the people and the community that came out to support that, and everything we got that night was donated to the High Point Village.”

But still to this day, “I will never forget it. I will always have that memory right here,” one villager said.

“What you see on TV is what you get. Just a humble, great guy,” McGavock said.

All the people at the Village are ready to watch their old friend in the Super Bowl.

“I hope Patrick Mahomes does good in the Super Bowl. I hope they get a trophy this year.”

“I could feel it in my gut. They are going to win the Super Bowl, lets go!”