Sheboygan North senior following the signs to success

While learning a specialty language as a sophomore, Sheboygan North's Maxwell Tutas decided maybe he could implement some of those skills on the athletic field.

That's what makes him this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I play safety, corner, quarterback, kick return, pat holder," said Tutas. "Puts me in a lot of challenges with all of those positions on the line for me. I have to step up for the team. I just love playing. I just love being on the field. Feel like I am a part of every play."

Everything on the surface appears normal for Tutas as he tries to help the Golden Raiders qualify for the playoffs.

But that is far from the case for North's starting quarterback.

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"I became hard of hearing when I was four years old," said Tutas. "So I have had hearing aids all my life. I have had to play sports with them on. It's like I would say under 75 percent, so I can't hear that well."

Tutas started learning how to sign during his sophomore year, and he decided to try it out during games.

"We use normal sign language for like numbers, and then we make up our own signs to make things easier and have good flow with the game," said Tutas.

Tutas said his teachers did not have any experience in a situation like this, but everyone was excited to jump into the idea head first.

"I wanted to start using it to help with my disability of not being able to hear and hard of hearing," Tutas said. "I thought it would help me in the long run. Nope, it's not stopping me at all. Yeah, I don't really think about it at all."