Rodgers says 2021 not a 'farewell tour' for him and the Packers

(FOX6 News Milwaukee)

It was a beautiful day at the office with the Packers and New York Jets practicing on Wednesday.

They'll do it again on Thursday and they'll play at Lambeau Field on Saturday afternoon in preseason game number two.

In the offices overlooking Lambeau is where General Manager Brian Gutekunst works and where Aaron Rodgers would like to be a little more involved.

The QB has pointed out during the off season as well as training camp that he'd like to be included in conversations with good actions regarding personnel in those offices.

"I pride myself on being reasonable and rational," said Rodgers. "Sometimes what I think is best might not be best based on gathering all the evidence and all the opinions and hearing thoughts from different people. Just to be in the conversation would be a great start."

For now, Rodgers understands he is a football player and he is a quarterback for a team that is a Super Bowl contender.

In practice on Wednesday, Rodgers looked pretty sharp and he needs to because this is his week to get some work in since he is not planning to play at all in the preseason.

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He said earlier this week in an interview he considered 2020 being his last year in Green Bay.

"I don't want a farewell tour," Rodgers said. "I don't know what's going to happen after the season, but I'm going to enjoy it with the right perspective for sure and not look at as I'm getting through this, I'm just going to enjoy the hell out of the perspective through some of the work I've done in the off season and just try to just be more joyful and happier is going to allow this season to be really special and memorable, I think."