Rodgers & main pass-catchers grace Sports Illustrated cover

If you make the cover of Sports Illustrated, it's normally because you've done something good.

However, there's also that small issue of what happens after you're on the cover of Sports Illustrated - The S.I. cover jinx!

The Packers are hoping to avoid that stigma.

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was on the cover of Sports Illustrated's NFL Preview Edition, and the team is a perfect 7-0 so far this season.

This week, Aaron Rodgers and his main pass-catchers are on the cover of the magazine.

"Some of the linemen were a little upset that they couldn't be in it, and I told them the frame was a little small for that," Rodgers said.

"Us linemen, we never get any love, so I don't know. It was pretty cool, seeing those guys, and the attention that we're all getting, and it is neat, but we don't really let it phase us," Packers Offensive Lineman T.J. Lang said.

"These guys were probably doing it for the cover of Sports Illustrated, again. For me, it is something that I am going to cherish for awhile," Packers Wide Receiver Donald Driver said.

"As a little kid, you see Sports Illustrated all the time, and now you are on the cover, and it's crazy!" Packers Wide Receiver James Jones said.

"Is the jinx on Sports Illustrated, or just Madden? Let's hope we don't get hurt then, because we're all on the magazine!" Jones said.

It remains to be seen if there is any such thing as the Sports Illustrated jinx. One this is certain, though: newsstands in Green Bay will be hit hard for this edition of Sports Illustrated.