Road trip! Packers fans come through in a big way for cornerback Davon House

GREEN BAY -- When Packers cornerback Davon House was flying back to Green Bay from Austin, Texas on Monday night, June 5th, he ended up landing in Minneapolis and apparently missing a connecting flight -- all because of rain in the Lone Star State. Before he was wheels down, House sent out the following tweet.

House then found out there would be no rental cars available when he arrived in the Twin Cities. So he floated out this tweet.

Well, there were takers -- and that led to Packers fans Chad and Mike Johnson giving House a ride from Minnesota to Green Bay.

As you can see from the tweet just below, House took the Chad and Mike Johnson into the locker room, snapped some photos, signed some cleats and gloves -- all at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Sweet deal, eh?