Riverside 3-sport athlete 'can't live without' competition

Sylvester Walker Jr. doesn't have much free time with three sports, a job and homework to worry about. The Riverside University High School senior makes it look so easy and that's why he is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I love to compete. I can't live without it."

Whether it's running on the track, the football field or the wrestling mat, Walker Jr. is never short of motivation.

Even when the global pandemic came around.

"I didn't look at the pandemic as a failure. I looked at it as a perfect time on everything I lacked to fix. Fix all my techniques and all my weaknesses. It was really tough and emotional."

Fighting through the emotions, the Tigers senior stayed in shape and stayed ready for the unknown.

"But I knew for a fact if I sat down and just sit on my butt that nothing was going to happen at all. So I just got up and grinded it out. It gave me more drive because now that I lost my junior season I have to show up my senior season. I have to shine. I have been working my whole life and I have to show it."

Once school and, eventually, sports returned, Walker Jr. was ready to lead.

"I wanted it bad. So when I got to practice and I was the only one there, that's the leader. I got to set the bar for everyone else. But it was always in me. I wanted it. If you want it, you can have it."