Report: Washington Redskins expected to retire nickname on Monday

WASHINGTON -- The Washington Redskins will retire the team's nickname on Monday, July 13, according to a report by Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal.

Washington won’t announce its new name because trademark issues are still pending, but the “thorough review” of the name is officially over because the team wanted to “remove any doubts as to the future of the name,” Fischer reported, citing sources.

Big-name retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and Target, as well as Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods, all removed Redskins merchandise from their websites last week. And last Thursday, FedEx -- which holds the naming rights to the team’s Maryland stadium -- formally requested a name change. FedEx CEO Fred Smith has an ownership stake in the team.

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Last Wednesday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the team has made the obvious decision to remove the Native American imagery from its logo.

The recent national focus on race relations since the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis brought new scrutiny to the team’s name. That’s when the Redskins said they would conduct a “thorough review” of the team name, as the organization faced immense pressure to change its moniker over racial connotations.

The team originated in Boston before relocating to D.C. after its 1936 season.

The team also hopes to build a new stadium and return inside D.C. city limits -- but local leaders there say they are already seeking a name change as a condition of any potential stadium deal.

Fox News’ Dom Calicchio contributed to this report.

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