Prospective tight ends try to impress the Packers at NFL Scouting Combine

INDIANAPOLIS -- This is not the first time the Packers have come to the NFL Scouting Combine thinking they'll look for a tight end -- and a lot of the top tight ends say they can block and catch passes.

TJ Hockenson

"They're both pretty fun," said TJ Hockenson, former Iowa tight end. "I mean, honestly, I love to block. I love to run routes. I just really pride myself that I can do both.

"I'm a really great overall tight end," said Noah Fant, another former Iowa tight end. "I feel like after my field workout, people will really get to see my speed, really get to see my jumping ability. They'll really get to see my power."

Noah Fant

"I feel like I'm a little better at running routes right now," said Irv Smith, Jr., former tight end from Alabama. "I feel like I'm a great blocker as well, but there's always room to improve in both aspects. I'm saying I'm pretty equal. I'll give receiving just a little bit."

Irv Smith, Jr.

Smith said he's looking forward to a pre-draft visit in Green Bay. And those two former Iowa tight ends? No school has ever had two tight ends picked in the same round of the NFL Draft -- but the Hawkeyes suspect that will change this year.