Pius XI junior finds a 'home' with Popes basketball

He fell in love with basketball while playing with his older brother at the YMCA.

He's also building on the legacy of the Pius XI's past success.

That's what makes Jaquan Johnson this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shots.

"It's a lot of talent around here," said Johnson. "I would say that I feel like it definitely has made me a lot better. One day I may not have my best game, but like, you know, I still got to do my part to be a leader."

Johnson said he has always been taught that passing helps a team win, and one person cannot win the game by themselves.

But one game this season, his shooting did help quite a bit.

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"I originally scored 49 points beating my school record," Johnson said. "I was locked in the whole time. I just couldn't let my team go down that day. I didn't want to see the look in their faces after a tough loss. First couple of shots, I saw that I was actually in a groove, so I kept shooting. That day definitely, the basket was definitely wider than it was that day."

Johnson sees a bright future for Pius especially when it comes to his senior year.

He said it was a great decision for him to come to the school in the first place.

"It's like home here really," said Johnson. "A lot of alumni come back telling you how well we're doing. It's a great community here. You've got to look at the banners. People don't remember you as well as they remember the people that's on them banners, winning gold balls, regionals, all the other things like that. You remember all the numbers on that wall. That's what I want to get."