Pewaukee senior's love for sports, UNO on full display

This Pewaukee senior is a state champion in one sport and state runner-up in another.

But it is Ava Matz's love for a special card game that has her scoring touchdowns as this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

A three-sport athlete in basketball, softball, and football, Matz has always felt her love for playing the game.

"I remember my first time in eighth grade getting my helmet and I didn't want to take it off," said Matz. "If I could have slept with it, I would've. And my pads too. I thought I was super big and strong and I like put big shirts over them."

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Although her parents were reluctant when it came to her playing football, she has been given every chance to get in the game.

"I remember getting the play call in my head, giving it to the boys, breaking the huddle, looking at the defense, reading the defense, getting set," Matz said. "I go to make the handoff and all of a sudden I can kind of feel 'em almost behind me. And I was like, I can't get it to him. So I just tossed it and there he goes, running for 10 yards. I was like, Touchdown!"

Matz says she has even given art a shot and has found another passion.

She also likes to express herself on her feet when it comes to her love of games.

"I love the game of UNO," said Matz. "I collect all the different UNOs and I also, in fact, do have Uno Air Forces. They got like green, red, yellow. They're all different colors, and it's super cool. And then they got the UNO logo on them. Pretty awesome. I just kind of fell in love with it, and it's like kind of my thing now."