Packers QB Aaron Rodgers weighs in on election: "I hope we can now come together"

GREEN BAY -- During his years as the Green Bay Packers' quarterback, Aaron Rodgers has proven to be interested in more than just football -- so it's not a surprise that he was up late on election night Tuesday, November 8th like the rest of us!

"I went out and voted and I knew it was going to be an historic night either way. You got an outsider winning or the first woman president. I think it was an important night for our country -- really a message to the establishment, if you are looking at it from an objective point of view. I hope as a country we can now come together and work a little better with each other," Rodgers said.

After the emotional events of the early part of the week, Rodgers said football could be a bit of a refuge for players and fans on Sunday.

"I think sports can bring people together and break down the initial barriers. Obviously it's a way different scale. You're talking about running a country compared to providing entertainment for people -- but we love the opportunity to do what we do and inspire people and hopefully we can all move forward together and get this thing going in the right direction," Rodgers said.

The Packers "incumbent quarterback" knows that the focus is on him as much as anyone else to get things righted a little bit on the football field to help make the Packers great again.