Packers mini-camp underway; players excited for Wednesday mystery team building activity

GREEN BAY -- Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy is roaming around the practice field a little more this year at Green Bay Packers mini-camp, which began Tuesday, June 16th.

The offensive-minded McCarthy relinquished play-calling duties this offseason to dedicate more time to working with the defense and special teams.

It was part of a series of changes that juggled assignments for some assistants, too.

McCarthy said Tuesday that one goal in the offseason is to get offensive and defensive coaches working more together. That gives each side of the ball a different perspective on getting tips and learning nuances of the game.

McCarthy is always looking to keep things fresh for his players. He said that he's still nailing down a new routine in what he calls his busiest offseason personally since arriving in Green Bay in 2006.

It's the time of year NFL football teams get together one last time before breaking up and returning for Training Camp. In the Packers case, that involves on-field work for mini camp Tuesday and Thursday, with a team building activity of some kind on Wednesday.

"I think dodgeball's probably out, based on some of the things that have happened over the last couple of times we've done that. It's been some fun stuff. We've dome some bowling over the years, some skeet shooting, and it's a lot of fun. I actually don't know what tomorrow is going to be. I wish I did so I could have all the inside info," Packers QB Aaron Rodgers said.

"I'm excited to see what our team building thing is tomorrow. It'll be kind of cool. Hopefully it's an offense vs. defense thing. As professional athletes, we're very competitive," Packers tackle David Bakhtiari said.

"There will be guys that ride in the cart with Aaron Rodgers, or it'll be somebody they've really never had a conversation with. So, this is all about culture," McCarthy said.

Did Coach McCarthy slip? Will the guys be golfing on Wednesday? No official word just yet. No matter what, there will be some kind of competitive element involved, and that will keep the guys interested.