Packers fans watching game at Champps disappointed in 23-20 loss

BROOKFIELD (WITI) -- It was loud inside Champps Americana in Brookfield on Sunday, January 5th, as Packers fans took in the huge Lambeau Field playoff game vs. the San Francisco 49ers.

All eyes were on the game on Sunday -- and on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Sunday was Rodgers first time back on the field at Lambeau since he suffered a fractured collarbone in a game vs. the Bears in early November.

"Number 12" adorned the jersey worn by waitress Stephanie Donlevy was wearing on Sunday. She's eight months pregnant, and thinking about naming her baby after the popular Packers quarterback.

"Well he is a good player. He`s back -- and if he does well, then he could bump the name up on the list a little bit," Donlevy said.

After Rodgers' first TD pass on Sunday, Donlevy said the prospect of a "Baby Aaron" seemed, perhaps, a little more likely.

Fans at Champps on Sunday enjoyed green shots in honor of their favorite team -- and also, camaraderie with other Packers fans.

The game was exciting for fans -- especially when things got tied up at 20 -- with just a minute left! Then came the Phil Dawson field goal that ended the game, and the Packers season.

"It`s frustrating. I`m sick of losing to the 49ers," one fan said.

As for Donlevy -- she says the loss doesn't change her love for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers -- and says she's still considering the name for her baby.

"They still did great. Put in a good effort. You win some, you lose some," Donlevy said.

Some fans said that although Sunday's loss was tough -- there's always next season -- and Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy says he's proud of his team.

The Packers report McCarthy said this during his post-game press conference: "I don't know that we've had a team work as hard. There's been constant adversity. I really appreciate the way they've handled it."