Packers faithful have a place to gather on Sunday, if they journey across the bay

OAKLAND -- You know where you will be to watch the Packers-49ers game on Sunday, Jan. 19 -- either at home, a friend's house, maybe a favorite neighborhood tavern. But where are the Packers faithful going to be hanging out if they are in San Francisco -- and without a ticket to the game?

FOX6's Ted Perry went in search of such a place -- and he found it in Oakland's Rock Ridge neighborhood. He described it this way -- "It's what you'd get if Brady Street and Walker's Point had a kid."

Smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood, you will find George and Walt's. It's exactly the kind of place that would attract Packers fans. Never mind the Packers brand is only apparent in a fading pennant above the bar -- it is where fans of the green and gold will gather on Sunday. That does not exactly thrill Joe Meally. He is a third-generation 49ers fan and head bartender at George and Walt's.

"I like Packers fans as people. I told one of my favorites Sunday afternoon, we're not friends for three-and-a-half hours. After the game, I'll love you again," Meally said.

Oakland is once again a city without a team. The Raiders are now Las Vegas-based. But the team's fan base is not about to warm up to that team from the west. So the diehard Raiders fans will be rooting against the 49ers.