Packers fans finding ways to talk green and gold at NFL Combine

If the Green Bay Packers played at the Indianapolis Colts during the NFL regular season, the Packers themselves would probably organize a tailgate party for fans down here in Indy.

But this is late February.

There's no game at Lucas Oil Stadium in late February, but there's a combine and there's a get-together for Packers fans put together by Cheesehead TV.

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Joseph Randolph and Dave Kroll didn't know each other prior to sitting side by side at The District Tap.

"I knew it would be easy to start talking to people and knew we'd all have something in common with the Packers, and it's just a great bond," said Kroll. "Everyone's family."

A sort of green and gold family has connected online through Cheesehead TV, founded by a pair of Fox Valley natives.

"It's a community more than anything else," said Aaron Nagler. "I mean, it started obviously as a website and a podcast, and it's still those things, but it's really, really grown over the course of over a decade. When the Packers played in London, and we had a meetup at a pub in London and, you know, we were taking a cab over, and we thought, you know, 12, 15, maybe 20 people will show up. And we walked out. We got out of the cab and there were 3 to 4 people deep out the door."

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True fans will get together in a virtual corner bar or, as proven during the off season in Indy, in a real one.

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"I watch Aaron on Packers Daily and Cheesehead TV, watch parties, and I had a chance to meet him, and I'm there," Kroll said.

"Here's someone who is just like me, who marks time like on their calendar by the schedule - like hey, the schedule comes out in May, and it's like our whole kind of life is set around those days," Nagler said.

"It's like meeting like professionals," said Randolph. "There's a lot of times we're not in Green Bay or Wisconsin, you talk to what you think is a Packer fans, and they don't really know, like the ins and outs of the team. So it's great to see like other contributors, other like super fans, maybe talk the down and dirty stuff."

Packers fans will never pass on an opportunity to talk Packers football.