Oak Creek High School junior brings strength, speed, stamina

Kalie Freiberg does the heavy lifting in the classroom and on the mat. Now, the Oak Creek High School junior is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

Freiberg started gymnastics when she was four years old and was planning on going gymnastics in high school but hurt her ankle.

She decided to then try powerlifting -- the speed, agility and strength transferring over.

"At first I wasn't really sure I wanted to do it because, you know, there are more boys doing it than girls. But then after my first day trying it I really loved it," Freiberg said.

Freiberg's favorite powerlifting memory is going to state for the first time as a sophomore, performing a personal best over 200 pounds...at the time.

"We actually had a meet this past weekend and I did a personal best overall total and it was more than I did at State last year," said Freiberg. 

The junior is also involved in the National Honor Society and volunteers. She is also involved in Future Business Leaders of America -- planning to major in business finance with accounting or actuarial science.

Away from powerlifting, Freiberg also does track and cross country.