"Not a nice group of people!" Seattle Packers fans warn Wisconsin fans about 12th Man's ugly side

SEATTLE (WITI) -- The Green Bay Packers take on the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in a playoff matchup this Sunday, January 18th, and Packers fans in Seattle want to make sure Packers fans from Wisconsin headed into "enemy territory" for the game stay safe. The "12th Man" has a big impact at CenturyLink Field -- the NFL's loudest outdoor stadium. But the 12th Man has an ugly side...

Jerry Garner doesn't hide the fact that he is Seattle's biggest Green Bay Packers fan. In fact, he's the president of the Northwest Packer Backers organization.

"We've attended shareholders meetings," Garner said.

So, he speaks from experience when he warns...

"(As a Green Bay Packers fan), you're here behind enemy lines," Garner said.

And as for that enemy...

"Not a nice group of people!" Garner said.

Garner says he's witnessed how Seattle Seahawks fans go beyond just verbal taunts when it comes to fans of the green and gold.

"Beer poured on them from Seahawks fans behind them," Garner said.

Robert Nedrow knows this all too well. He's not even from Wisconsin (he's from Washington), but he says his dad got him hooked on the Green Bay Packers when he was a kid.

"When I was about yay tall, at Thanksgiving, (my dad) bet on them against the Lions. To distract me, he told me to root for the guys in the gold helmets, and I never stopped," Nedrow said.

Nedrow lives a stone's throw from CenturyLink Field -- but he says he'll never go back.

"The last game I went to was when the Packers came here in the pre-season, and I vowed not to go to a game after that because, I mean, the experience was just, I mean, it was terrible. Spit on. I had a beer poured on me. I almost got into a few physical altercations," Nedrow said.

CenturyLink Field has a "Code of Conduct," and it says "verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans" is strictly prohibited, but Seattle police say many of the incidents occur just north of CenturyLink Field, at a place called Pioneer Square -- a good place to avoid if you're a fan of the green and gold.

Garner warns -- this is no joke.

"My advice to Packers fans -- travel in groups of four or more," Garner said.

Kickoff is set for 2:00 p.m. Sunday at CenturyLink Field. You can watch the Packers battle the Seahawks ONLY ON FOX6!

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