New Berlin Ike senior takes friendship to a championship level

This New Berlin Eisenhower graduate is not only a first time state champion with one team, but she also has multiple championships with another.

That's what makes Taylor Rinzel this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I didn't start playing soccer until fifth grade," said Rinzel. "My best friend she asked me to come join the team. And I remember she was like you need shin guards. And I was like, what are shin guards. Once I started playing soccer I just knew that was the sport for me. You find things when you are not looking for them. Yeah, I will always thank my friend for making me buy those shin guards."

Rinzel learned what shin guards were as quickly as she excelled on the pitch.

She joined SC Wave and won a national championship in her first season with the club.

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Rinzel became best friends with Lauren Hernandez and with the Lions the two went out as champions.

"Being able to play with her in club and then to take that connection we have and bring that to high school is just awesome," Rinzel said. "So it's kind of sad that we will probably never be on the same field playing with each other again."

As teammates, that may be true, but once the pair go to college, they may meet again.

Rinzel is bound for Kentucky and Hernandez is attending Iowa State.

The Wildcats are scheduled to meet September 4 in Lexington.

"It will be kind of cool to see each other from a different angle on different teams," said Rinzel.