New Admirals head coach brings impressive resume

MILWAUKEE -- 15 games into this years AHL season, and the Milwaukee Admirals are just a few games back of the Midwest division lead. FOX6's Jen Lada sat down with new head coach Kirk Muller, who brings with him an impressive playing resume, with more than 19 years in the NHL, and more than 1,300 games. Muller was drafted number two overall in 1984, behind Mario Lemiex, and then post-play, was an assistant with the Montreal Canadiens. This is his first stint in the minors.

Coaching at the next level is a big deal for Muller and it is ultimately why he took the gig with the Admirals, after NHL general managers told him he needed experience leading a team from the bench. "I just knew that going to the American Hockey League was the right way for me to get experience as a head coach, and Milwaukee and Nashville gave me that opportunity," Muller said.

Not only does Muller have an impressive resume, but also, an engaging personality - so much so, that he's been asked if he's too nice to be a head coach. Muller says he is outgoing, and is a people person. He was known as "Kirk the Work" during his time carving up the ice as a hockey player. Now, he's focusing on using his background to help propel the Admirals forward.

"Over the years, I really experimented with the different positions, so I can relate to a lot of the guys. I think the more you know your players, everyone is different. The more you know what buttons to push, at the end of the day, it's trying to get the most out of every player," Muller said.

Muller says he's hoping his style of leadership can lead to many special moments in Milwaukee. "We're on a journey, and our journey is to get better every day, and if you can do that individually, and we can do that as a team, then everyone benefits," Muller said.