Milwaukee Bucks players talk workouts ahead of the season restart

MILWAUKEE -- If practice does indeed make perfect, the Bucks are taking baby steps to NBA success.

The Bucks play their first game of the resumed NBA season on July 31 against the Celtics.

It’s been a strange few months for Donte DiVincenzo and Khris Middleton, sidelined from their livelihood.

"Luckily, I got a little exercise room in my house that I put in," Middleton said. "I was able to get some decent lifts in. A treadmill and some bike rides."

"It kind of took me back to being a little kid again," DiVincenzo said. "Dribbling the ball outside. Doing those little moves out on the sidewalk and stuff like that."

The Bucks are not all the way back but they are back on the court preparing to resume the NBA season down in Orlando. Right now, it is individual workouts at the team's training facility.

"And now we literally have somebody, you know, following us with a disinfectant spray and a towel after everything we touch," DiVincenzo said.

Individual workouts will progress to 5-on-5 workouts.

"One, you have to be comfortable with being around people again. For so long we have been told to stay away from pretty much everybody," Middleton said.

"I mean, exactly what Khris said. You gotta get used to that. It is going to take a few days. Honestly, at the end of the day it's just basketball," DiVincenzo said.

Basketball is basketball – even 2020-style.