Milwaukee Bucks Jennings becoming the man

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Bucks Point Guard Brandon Jennings burst onto the NBA scene as a rookie two years ago, only to experience a sophomore slump. In fact, Brandon labeled his second pro season as "bad."

Maybe the third time's a charm, because Jennings is having an all-star caliber season.
With Andrew Bogut out for up to twelve weeks due to a fractured ankle, the Bucks were thought to be dead in the water. Instead, they're more than staying afloat because Brandon has become the captain of the ship. By that I mean he's the "go to guy" in crunch time.

Witnesss Wednesday night's 105-97 win over Miami. The Heat led by eighteen points in the first half, and Jennings sparked the incredible turnaround by taking, and seemingly making, every big shot when the Bucks had to have it. Brandon's 31 points marked the seventh time in the last eight games that he's scored 20 or more.

More importantly, Jennings wants the ball when he teammates need him most, and they're looking for him. In short, Brandon Jennings has become the team's main man, and he's raised the level of his game. That bodes well for a franchise that needs a shot in the arm.