Milwaukee Academy of Science senior hard to miss on the court

She recently joined the "K" Club by scoring over 1,000 points for the basketball team and has an extensive shoe collection.

But away from the court, this Milwaukee Academy of Science senior likes to unwind by lacing up a different kind of shoe.

"I don't really like my name, but my dad named me," said Beautiful Waheed. "My dad just named me it, I guess. I don't know why. I guess I'm beautiful, but I don't really like my name."

Waheed may not be the biggest fan of her first name, but she's too focused on basketball to care.

The senior led the Novas to the Division 3 State Championship game, which they lost to Kewaskum.

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She said she always looked up at the banners in her gym and wanted to help put one up.

Now, she's hoping to play collegiately.

"I had to make sure I was eligible my senior year, so I could get the colleges to come talk to me," she said. "I decided. I just haven't committed yet."

If you see Waheed on the court, you may notice her eccentric footwear.

"I like my shoes not to match my jersey," Waheed said. "So I get a lot of hoopin' shoes. I don't know why. I like having different socks too that don't match."

In her spare time, Waheed also enjoys skating.